The Story of the McAlpin Truck

It all began in 1944 with a $15 A Model Ford Truck. Click here to see the 1931 A- Model. Over 30 years, driving many different trucks. The last was a 66 Cabover Peterbilt with a 318 Detroit which he put 800,000 miles on. He drove over 2.5 million miles in various trucks and then Charlie decided to build a truck from a kit. The kit consisted of a Peterbilt chassis, a 380 Cummins industrial engine, a 6 speed Spicer with a 4 speed auxiliary and a 38,000 lb. Timken rear end.

This is what it looked like:

Truck Kit at home

Mrs. McAlpin and the boys looking it over. Joe is on top, John is on the ground.

Without rear wheels. It was found in an Amish cow pasture in Indiana. The kit was originally purchased by an Amish farmer who sold it to Mr. McAlpin.

The Timken Rear End and Mr. Marvin Gonsfead who helped with the assembly. The assembly took 3 months. Mr. Charlie said he nearly starved as he had no income during this time.

Finally with the rear wheels installed. No engine yet. It's beginning to look like a real truck.

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